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Want to increase referrals on LinkedIn in 4 clicks or less? – Try a little S.C.A.G.

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In the business of Social Selling and micro-learning, we are always looking for those fun power moves that can create results in just a few clicks. So follow this along and I will share my new favorite move, well not new, just newly labeled.

So SCAG stands for four simple actions and here we go:


S – Scan

Simply look for a targeted connection in LinkedIn. Ones that you have a decent rapport with and have spoken to within the last 60-90 days. In Social Jack team building, we call these team members our primary draft picks. Once you find your targeted connection, scan their profile for two connections they might have that would be ideal referrals for you. No you might have to look under recommendations or skill endorsements if their connection are suppressed. However lately I find that many are open. The only clicks here are if you need to advance the page.


C- Connect

This is even easier and mostly required no click unless you use email, however I prefer a phone call to that person. Remember on connections you have access to their phone number field as well.


A – Ask

This is where you simply ask your connections for the specific referrals. There is always a chance they might not know the exact referral, however the intention of asking will spark the conversation for the ideal type of referral you are looking for and most always takes the conversation to the next level.


G – Get

We find in our training that in the beginning over 90% of people stop at the ask and never go for the get. If you have the relationship and can get into the ask as part of your conversation your network will have the desire to help you get to the get!

Now what are you waiting for, join thousands of Social Jack students who S.C.A.G. each and every day, maybe you have been S.C.A.G.’d and don’t even know it!

Enjoy and maybe you will do this in less than 4 clicks once you get going!


See you online, Dean