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Easy to Understand and Informative Speaking Sessions

Dean DeLisle is an entertaining and informative speaker who has helped to touch the lives of thousands and given them the tools to transform their lives. He is routinely invited to speak at a number of events and venues that reach people of all ages. This includes high schools, universities, chamber events, corporate meetings, conventions, and more.

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His casual, easy to understand presentations help people to fully understand the expert level material that they are receiving. This easy approach has led him to become one of the most respected men in the industry.

While he can customize a presentation to meet your individual needs, some of the topics he often speaks on include:

  • How to Rock Your Personal Brand – Building Your Business Influence
  • Storytelling Steps to Success – Your Path to Influence
  • Be First, Be Known – 8 Steps to Digital Business Influence
  • LinkedIn – 5 Easy Steps to Get Hired or Get Promoted
  • Social Selling – 5 Easy Steps to Convert LinkedIn Connections to New Sales
  • Power of Authenticity – Is Your Culture Ready for Social Teaming?
  • LinkedIn – Social Selling 101 for Trusted Professionals
  • Why Social HR Matters- Finding and Developing Top Talent through Social Media
  • Social Streaming: The New Start to Your Content Machine
    How to Convert Connections to Clients – 5 Steps to Monetize Your Network
  • Podcasting for New Business: How to Build a Following and Engage with Your Audience
  • Be Found First: Snackable Content Made Easy
  • Social Media – How to be Compliant and Competitive Online
  • Fill Your Next Event with Influencer Marketing – Boost Attendance, Engagement, and Sponsorships

Influencer Development Programs: https://socialjack.com

To inquire about topics for your organization contact:
Morgan Fentress